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Bridgestone 200/660-17 V02 Super Soft Rear Racing Slick

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Battlax Racing V02: latest MotoGP technology, now for superbikes everywhere.

Battlax Racing V02 is an evolution of Battlax Racing V01, promising to give superbike riders faster lap times and longer tyre life thanks to Bridgestone’s latest MotoGP construction and compound technology.

Firstly, grip and stability for Superbike are taken to a new level by the new GP-Belt construction on the rear tyre which optimizes the tyre contact patch and increases contact pressure, improving grip performance. At the same time, the new soft compound adds more grip across the entire compound temperature range, increasing warm-up performances and giving riders a safe, confident feeling. This increased grip combined with the tyre’s performance consistency gives Racing Battlax V02 lap times which are over 1 second faster than the current V01 racing tyre.

“Drawing on Bridgestone’s latest MotoGP technology, the new Racing Battlax V02 makes high performance and fast lap times available to everyone” says Jose-Enrique Gonzalez, Director Marketing, Bridgestone Europe.

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