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Zeta CW Hand Warmer - Black (L)

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Hand warmer designed fit over handguards and to be suitable for both touring and dirt riding thanks to adjustable hook and loop wrist opening.


  • Hand warmer designed to fit over installed handguards.
  • Prevents your hands from freezing in the cold wind of deep winter.
  • The main fabric is tough and durable 300D oxford fabric with water-repellent treatment on outside and PVC coating on inside to make it cold- and water-resistant.
  • Cuff part made of soft and elastic Neoprene fabric to retain fine mobility.
  • Features internal pocket, ideal for small items such as instant heat pads.
  • Easy installation without tool.
  • Works with these wrap around DRC handguards: Adventure Armor Handguard.
  • Works with these flag type DRC handguards: SCUDE /XC /XC-PRO/X2/X3.
  • For handguards not listed here, please check the dimensions diagram (in images) to confirm suitability prior to purchase.
  • M size also available (SKU: DFZE729011 and DFZE729021).

Dirt Riding
Wide wrist adjustment allows for better handling and does not interfere with riding in the dirt, even in standing position. In the event of an unexpected fall, it is easy to safely remove your hands from the hand warmers and let go of handlebars as you usually would.

Narrow wrist adjustment prevents running wind from entering the hand warmer, improving cold and wind resistance.


Velcro wrist opening adjustment
When touring, the wrist opening can be adjusted narrower to prevent the wind from entering the hand warmer and improves the protection against cold and wind. The large size L can narrow the outside of the wrist opening more than the size M. The capability makes it ideal for long hours of touring. When riding in the dirt, the wrist opening can be adjusted wider to improve maneuverability and not interfere with riding. In the event of an unexpected fall, it is easy to remove your hands from the hand warmer and ride safely.

Save space around switches
The space around the switches is designed for ease of operation. The wrist opening can be adjusted with a velcro system to make it larger or narrower. Be sure to check that there is no interference with each move before use.

Easy handling even when riding in standing position
The wrist area is made of flexible neoprene fabric. Minimises impact on riding position and provides both ease of movement and thermal protection.

Reflectors are equipped on the front and sides of the cover to increase visibility when riding at night.

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