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Whites Fork Seal Saver Plastic - Black (Mini)

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Extend the life of your fork seals and reduce stress on your fork springs with the Whites Fork Seal Savers. The seal saver prevents over compression of your front end by bridging the gap between your tyre and front mudguard, designed with a curved bottom to prevent damage to your tyre and tube and also gives a firmer hold for your tie downs. The seal savers also stop your forks compressing further while in travel, which can cause your tie downs to pop off and your beloved ride toppling over.


  • Curved mount matches tyre to prevent denting into the tyre and damaging your tube, tyre and rim
  • Prevents premature damage to your fork springs and seals from continuous compression
  • Stabilises bike and prevents tie downs popping off when on bumpy roads
  • Raised top reduces surface contact preventing damage to front mudguard
  • Crossbar holds seal saver in place when loading your ride
  • Plastic construction is lightweight and durable for easy transportation and extended life
  • Length: 195mm (tyre arch to mud guard rest)

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