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STATOR + MOSFET KIT HON TRX250X 09-20 (RMS900-107350)

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Original price
$699.90 - $699.90
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Kit Stator + Mosfet regulator

  • Direct replacement to your original unit
  • Plug-and-play, direct fit, easy installation
  • All shipped products are tested

We have even included the opposite connector (main harness side) as we know these are often melted / corroded / defective and a major cause for repetitive electrical issues.

All item pictures are accurate, if in doubt, do not hesitate and compare our item to your original part.

Brand new aftermarket Stator

  • Highest grade of lamination materials
  • Highest grade of copper winding, resistant to 200 degrees Celsius
  • Pick up pulsar coil included
  • Connectors included
  • Rubber grommet included

Brand new Mosfet Voltage Regulator Rectifier

It is time to update or replace your voltage regulator with the advanced MOSFET type.

It runs cooler than all OEM diode-style regulators. In addition, this rectifier has overheat protection, rather than burn up it will simply turn off for a while and cool off.

Key features

IMPROVED & HEAVY DUTY: OEM and most SCR type voltage regulator are known to fail more than often for these vehicles. Our RMS Labs took a best-selling voltage regulator and made it tougher by using highly reliable components to regulate the voltage. The result: More than 83% less failures than a standard OEM-type voltage regulator.

RMSTATOR RENOWNED MOSFET COMPONENTS: Significantly decreases internal operating temperature with highly efficient MOSFET transistor regulation circuit. This technology runs much cooler than the OEM silicon rectifier regulation circuit and requires much less power to operate.

AUTOMOTIVE GRADE HEAVY-DUTY CONNECTORS: Increase contact surface for distributed voltage charge on pins & less heat generated at connectors levels

  • The quality exceeds the OEM equipment
  • Higher grade of electric components


Interior diameter: 35 mm
Exterior diameter: 88 mm
Thickness: 18 mm
Length of wires stator to grommet: 90 mm
Length of wires grommet to plug: 140 mm
Length of pickup coil's wire to grommet #1: 330 mm
Length of pickup coil's wire to grommet #2: 370 mm

Other specifications:
Number of wires: 5
Number of plugs: 2
Number of pins: 5
Number of poles: 8
Wire to wire resistance:
Alternator: Between each Yellow = 0.7 ohms +-20%
Pickup: Blue/Yellow to Ground = 336 ohms +-20%
Source: Black/Red to Ground = 185 ohms +-20%


Width: 25 mm
Length: 79 mm
Height: 83 mm
Fixation holes center to center: 60 mm

Other specifications:
Number of plugs: 1
Number of pins: 6
Minimum Charging Voltage: 14.5 V +- 0.5 V
Maximum Charging Current: 50 A / 500 W
Open Circuit Voltage: < 15 V
Operation Temperature: -20° C to 85°C

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